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Step into 21st century Shangri-La!

 Tiny Bhutan sandwiched between giant neighbors China and India, is a country where the king proclaims Gross National Happiness as the national goal and mandates a protected environment. Marvel at the magnificent architecture of ancient Dzongs, massive fortresses designed to repel invaders, and revel at the many festivals celebrating Bhutan's traditional Buddhist religion.

Isolated by geography and policy, tourism has been limited. This photographic journey introduces you to the respectful, handsome Bhutanese at their weekend market. Proudly wearing national dress, ghos and kiras, the mostly rural population gathers to buy and sell nearly everything they need, from farm products and livestock to vibrant hand-woven textiles. You can smell betel nuts and almost taste the blistering chilies, cheese and spices blended in emandatse, their favorite stew.

Wander the bucolic countryside as buckwheat and barley is harvested in valleys dotted with clusters of gaily decorated houses. Attend a magical religious festival where dancers, swirling in yellow silk dress topped with ornate masks of gods and animals, bring Buddhist mythology to life.

Rich in biological diversity, over one-third of Bhutan is designated nature reserves for snow leopards and other rare species. And, by government decree, forested land may never fall below sixty percent of the country.

Trekking the pristine beauty of Bhutan spans three climate zones, from the Indian plains to the breathtaking Himalayan range along the Tibetan frontier, a 24,000 foot elevation change in the "Land of the Thunder Dragon!"

"You captured the beauty of the country and the personalities of the kind, gentle people of Bhutan. Wonderful, voice, clear informative narrative of like in the high Himalayas."
Discovering the Myths & Mystique of Bhutan
ISBN 978-0-9793909-0-6
Bhutan: Quest for Balance $14.95  
ISBN 978-0-9793909-5-1
Both Bhutan DVDs: Myths & Mystique of Bhutan
and Bhutan: Quest for Balance