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Immerse yourself in the botanical wonders of Bhutan, as this small independent nation, flanked by India and China, seeks to balance its rich biological diversity with increased pressures for modernization.

Accompany Bhutan's national botanist from the Indian plains to alpine heights where towering Himalayan peaks, dense coniferous forests and 45ft rhododendrons will hold you spellbound.
Wildlife abounds!

Spot a rare troop of golden languor monkeys. Stop at the winter home of the rare black-necked cranes.

The revered King has taken an aggressive approach to environmental conservation declaring his land tobacco free. One-third of Bhutan is retained for nature parks, reserves and biological corridors. Forested land many never fall below 60 percent. However, a delicate balance must be maintained in the Buddhist tradition of ancient Dzongs and monasteries.

Climb the arduous path to one of the world's most venerated monasteries (at left), the spectacular Takstang, or Tiger's Nest, perched on a 10,000-foot vertical cliff.

Travel rough roads, expect to lodge in tents. And meet captivating Bhutanese in cities, villages and markets. You will be swept up in Bhutan's determination to make destiny a matter of choice not chance, as you capture the aura of 21st century Shangri-La!

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Bhutan: Quest for Balance
ISBN 978-0-9793909-5-1
Discovering the Myths & Mystique of Bhutan
ISBN 978-0-9793909-0-6
Both Bhutan DVDs: Myths & Mystique of Bhutan
and Bhutan: Quest for Balance