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Bolivian Extremes
From the Andes to the Amazon Basin

A fascinating fusion of temperature, topography and cultural diversity.

Landlocked Bolivia takes you for a unique adventure into a world of extremes!


As you touch down in the capital city of LaPaz, plan to catch your breath for you are still two miles high. When you reach the cerulean blue Lake Titicaca, one of the highest navigable lakes in the world, you are surrounded by the boundless alitplano (plateau) against a soaring Andean range, Surreal salt pans seem almost extra-terrestrial, although South American flamingoes breed here.

a visit to a still active silver mine in Potosi brings back the past grandeur of the Spanish empire that was financed by this precious metal for over three hundred years. Discover Spain's distinctive legacy in the white-washed colonial buildings of Sucre, a UNESCO world heritage site. Next, travel descends to the Amazon basin where you are greeted by many noisy inhabitants that occupy the verdant rainforests.

The relatively prosperous lowlands are in blunt contrast to the predominantly impoverished highlands. Glimpse the pre-Inca ceremonial site of Tiwanaku, an archaeological treasure reflecting the heritage of Bolivia's indigenous people. Meet today's counterparts in the Witches' Market or the market in Tarabuco, alive with brilliant colors, extraordinary crafts and textiles, woven and worn. Thirty-five diverse groups form cultural chasms, not unlike the geographic divides that lure you to this captivating country.

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