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Silver hats, silver dresses, silver necklaces and heavy pendant earrings. Why would young girls wear 50 kinds of ornaments weighing over 30 pounds? Discover the answer among people living in the remote southern China province of Guizhou. For centuries, clothes have substituted for written records, documenting the cultural history of the Miaos and the Dongs. "You are what you wear," an unexpected indication of individualism in China!

Travel on a 1200-mile journey which captures the customs of these two ethnic tribes before their cultures irrevocably change and disappear. In an area rarely visited by Westerners, you get a privileged view of the markets and witness the music and dance at festivals where couples meet. You find out why, in the courtship ritual, a boy would rather receive a pair of red chopsticks than a packet of pine needles or chili. Experience the raw beauty of steep limestone rock formations which contrasts with networks of shimmering emerald rice terraces. Trek through magnificent covered bridges, the hallmark of Dong architecture, and learn the secret of the famous indigo blue cloth.

Observe the unique Miao and Dong tribes. Before traditional values and lifestyles are discarded, gather your “passport” to glimpse a vanishing culture! 

"What a beautiful, elegant, professional memento you have made of these far-flung daring trips of yours. Your travel, from every account including these intelligently [made DVD's] and your literally enchanting photographs of that magical part of the world are a real testament."

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ISBN 978-0-9793909-2-0