Welcome to Cynthia Bassett's Travelogues.

As a world class traveler and published photographer, Cynthia Bassett has created a series of travelogue DVD's that explore distant cultures at the far corners of the world.

With the practiced eye of an experienced traveler and cultural expert, Cynthia captures the essence of each country and brings the people of these exotic locales to life for the viewer.

Despite primitive conditions, poor roads, and harsh conditions, Cynthia has captured the beauty of not only the dramatic scenery, but the heart of the people who live there.

Unlike most travel videos, Cynthia Bassett's cultural glimpses of life in distant locales have a quality that makes the peoples and towns she has visited seem close and familiar. With the informative narration and atmospheric music and sounds, you will feel that you have visited these countries yourself.

Begin your journey by catching a glimpse into these richly populated travelogues by following the trail of images throughout our site.

  "The beauty of varied Third World settings has caught the eye and tugged at the sympathetic heart of photographer Cynthia Bassett. In her magnificent DVD series, images of nature and culture in little-traveled scenes of Myanmar, Bhutan, China and Sri Lanka and along the Silk Road are illuminated by a vibrant commentary that links ancient pasts of the nations visited with hopes for their future."
                                                                                                    Albert I. Borowitz,  Author and retired attorney